To help you evaluate, plan, implement and make the business case for our data and document services, here's a selection of free resources.

You’re procurement rules insist any business process you outsource is to an ISO 27001 vendor. But, as the ISO management system isn’t obligatory, the way firms use the standard varies widely. Access the knowledge you need to rate your vendor’s true ISO credentials.
In this four part series of white papers, we share practical tips and ideas, for making the most of your tenant documents. The best place to start the journey to better documents is with data, so in this paper ‘IT’S ONLY DATA! we’ll begin by sharing tips for better data collection and use.
Visit Prolog Print Media to see view all the resources for payroll, pension, HR and reward, including case studies, whitepapers, fact sheets and more.
Villages Housing streamline printing of tenant rent statements to save days of processing and significantly reduce costs.
ABC Bank wanted to redesign its customer statements, but hit issues with a restrictive corporate system. Read how PrologManaged provided an effective solution.
When Golding Homes outsource print company started sending incorrect documents to tenants, switching to Prolog and PrologManaged solved their problems.
When the machine used to envelope anticoagulant therapy results letters was inefficient and regularly jammed Prolog provided a service to eradicate the problems.
Hand writing patient medical alert cards was a time consuming process and open to transcription errors. In this case study we discuss how Prolog's anticoagulant therapy alert cards solved the problems.
When strict post room mailing times put pressure on an expanding anticoagulation department, Prolog provided a pressure seal document that enabled the department to process more patient results in the time avaiable.
The Food Company were experiencing in-house issues surrounding cost inefficiencies, in this case study, we discuss how MultiChannel was able to provide a much more cost efficient, reliable service.